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Argentium® Sterling Silver is a patented and trademarked alloy that was invented by Peter Johns, a professor of silversmithing at Middlesex University in England. Argentium® Sterling Silver is at least 92.5% pure silver, just like traditional sterling silver.  What makes it  different from traditional sterling silver is that a small amount of germanium replaces some of the copper that is usually the other 7.5% of sterling silver.  Among its many desirable properties, Argentium® Sterling Silver is highly tarnish-resistant, which means your sterling silver jewelry piece will maintain its luster & beauty with minimal polishing. 


Gold filled is an actual layer of gold, usually 14K gold, which is pressure bonded to another metal.  By law this layer of karated gold has to be at least 1/20 of the total weight of the metal. Gold Filled should not be confused with gold plated, as the layer of karated gold, found in Gold Filled,  is approximately 100 times thicker than that of gold plated.  This makes Gold Filled a much higher quality product.   The other major difference between the two is with gold plated there are no legal requirements for the amount of gold used. 

Gold Filled items are generally considered lifetime products, and with normal wear and tear, the karated gold will never tarnish, chip or wear off.   In general, anyone who can wear gold can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction to the jewelry. There is less gold being used in gold filled jewelry, therefore, it is a cost effective alternative to solid gold jewelry, and still lets you enjoy the same benefits of strength, durability, and beauty. 


The goal of the jewelry photographs in this online boutique is to depict the truest color possible of a piece.  All efforts have been made not to alter the stone’s/bead’s natural tones while producing the final images.  Multiple images of each piece are provided to allow for variances in lighting.   The CLOSE UP images provide the best color representation of a jewelry piece.


Care is given to selecting and using the best quality gemstones and elements in each piece of jewelry created.  The type, size and any other element used in a design are found under the product description.  Industry sizing for gemstones is given in millimeters (mm).  Dimensions for a flat stone is given by length & width, and the diameter is used for a round stone.    For those who like to think in inches, there are 25.4 millimeters (mm) in an inch.  A standard sewing tape measure will generally have a side divided up into centimeter increments.  There are 10 millimeter in one centimeter.  

For those who are not familiar with this term, the Art Institute of Chicago's catalogue provides this simple
explanation: "Early glass bead makers in Venice used oil lamps as their heat source for melting glass.  Now known as 'lampworking', artisans wind molten glass around a steel mandrel" creating unique and colorful glass beads.  The lampwork beads used in this boutique are not created here, but purchased from other sources.



Provided below is the general rule of thumb for necklace lengths. This will  give you some idea of where a necklace should fall based on its length.



The Cabochon size - in millimeters - and an overall pendant Length - in inches - is provided in the product description. 


Earring lengths in this online Boutique are always measured from the top of the earring wire/post to the bottom of the longest part of the earring.


When measuring for a bracelet,  use a sewing tape measure and wrap it around your wrist just over the small bone on the outside.  In general you should add approximately 1/2  inch (give or take) to this measurement depending on the type of bracelet fit you desire.   Approximate bracelet size or dimension is given under their product description.   Because large gemstones will take up space,  where possible, an approximate inside circumference is provided.


If you see a design in the online boutique you like, but not in the right size or color,  please inquire through the contact form below to see if a unique piece can be designed or re-created just for you.    


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